Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Mid-January Blues

Or is that middle to late January? I haven't updated a whole lot this month because I haven't really been out doing much - although we're planning a little trip this weekend so I should have a great batch of photos then. Last weekend I visited a coworker and his wife in Peterborough and we drove to Stamford, which was picturesque but we didn't really get into town until dusk so the photos turned out pretty bad or not at all. Before that, I was in San Francisco for Macworld manning Microsoft's Blogger Lounge for a couple of days, and now I'm back and deep in the grind here.

Elizabeth is slammed at her job because their giant conference is going down on February 12, so while she's in the home stretch on that she's working 12-14 hour days so our time to get out and see stuff has been relatively limited the last few weeks.

We've settled into a routine, which is odd considering I feel like I'm "traveling" instead of "living" here. I think the "living" part isn't going to come until the cats do. And our shit / my Xbox 360, which is still on a damn boat. It was supposed to be here on the 12th, now it won't be here until the 27th. Blargh. And a package my mother sent is stuck... somewhere. So it'll be fun trying to find that.

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glen_smith said...

O.K., so I'm assuming the cats were not on the boat with your X-Box?

Otherwise, we could go through the whole "cat inside a box" thing. (just kidding; good to hear more photos will be on the way.)