Monday, March 24, 2008

A Weather Interlude

Every culture is good at something. The Irish are good at drinking and partying. The Australians are good at drinking and drinking. And the Americans are good at drinking and religious extremism.

The Brits are good at complaining about the weather. You may think people from your part of the world are good about complaining about the weather, but these people are like goddamned pros at it. It's like thinking 'yeah, I know how to drink and party' because you did some beer bongs in college and saw some sorority girls take their clothes off in the shower. And then you meet an Irish person and go out drinking and partying and realize 'holy God, I knew nothing.'

After this weekend, I think I understand why my new fellow countrymen excel at this particular venture.

For the last four days - the entirety of my long weekend - it has hovered just around the freezing mark with Arctic winds occasionally gusting in to make you feel particularly cold should you be outside. The weather pattern appears to be controlled by some 3 year old with ADD and some anger issues; on Friday, I walked to the pet store, a five minute journey. When I left, it was sunny. When I stepped out of the pet store, it was raining and hailing on me. When I walked back into my flat complex, it was snowing. Five minutes later, the sun was out again.

Today, things were looking up so we went out and walked around a bit. We decided to stop when the frozen rain - I can't even call it snow - was pelting our faces so hard it hurt. And looking outside about 45 minutes after getting back, it looks sunny.

But here come those clouds again.

Yes, I'm joining them. The weather here can really suck.

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