Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sometimes strange things happen in London. On my way home, I was looking out the window and noticed a large cat pacing the bus, which is unusual in and of itself because cats don't normally run down the sidewalk past London double-deckers. A careful look revealed it wasn't a cat at all, but a fox! In the middle of the city! In Islington!

I tried to whip out the Flip but by the time I got it out, the bus had gone ahead. Then fate intervened: the bus broke down and they ordered us off. The fox was down a side street watching.

So I chased him a bit with the Flip and got this. He doesn't really show up until the end, and you can see him run from behind the car to the yard. For some reason I sound like a girl in half of this video, I think the sound recording was a little screwy.

Here he is, the London fox!

Update: Apparently foxes are common in London, kind of like raccoons in the US. Shows I'm still a bit of an American Newbie. Thanks to autolycus in the comments section (and my bemused coworkers) for pointing this out.


Autolycus said...

They're all over the place - anywhere there's a bit of dead ground to hide in, and plenty of dustbins (garbage) to root around in for food, and no natural predators (apart from motor traffic). If you hear someone's dustbins falling over in the night, or see one with the rubbish all scattered around it, chances are that's down to foxes.

mzieg said...

Dude, I just read this post last night, and as we were walking around Maidenhead this evening we spotted a good-sized animal just sitting at the end of a driveway watching us.

We froze, and looked at it carefully, asking each other, "Is that a dog? But the ears look like a cat...it's pretty big for a cat."

Finally I remembered your blog, and ventured that it might be a fox. Nobody was quite sure, and it was weird how calmly it sat there on its haunches, completely unafraid, the way a domestic dog might when guarding the verge of its own property.

Finally it gracefully rose up and slowly stalked back into the shadows, providing a wonderful view of its massively full, bushy tail -- the proud heritage of foxdom.

Anyway, I just thought was funny, having seen your video only the day before, then coming across one so beautiful and bold and brass off our own doorstep!

Unknown said...

It's the crackfox!