Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forgot Paris

Not forgot really, just too damn busy to blog at the moment.

Paris was beautiful. Gorgeous. And I mean beautiful in the truest sense of the term, that the city planners and architects and residents took or take pleasure and pride in making things of an aesthetically pleasing nature simply because they can. Because it looks good.

Paris is also a place of expectation, especially if you're not from there. Are Parisians rude? No, no more so than people in any other large city. Are French people arrogant? Maybe, but no more so than anyone else I've encountered. The stereotypes are worthless. A gaggle of mimes isn't going to assault an American the second you step off the Eurostar. And a waiter isn't going to insult your wife in French (sorry Chevy.) Unless you do something to insult him or her first, I suppose.

It is undeniably romantic and there is more to see there than you could hope to see in four days. I probably could have spent the entire time in the Louvre and still not seen the entire thing.

Pictures are on my Paris set on my Flickr page, or helpfully embedded here.

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Missy,Mrs and Mum said...

Hi just found your blog, I just got back from beautiful Paris as well, amazing as always.
Great blog!