Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally: A Group I Want To Join

Avast mateys. It not be a secret that I enjoy all things pirate-y, so it be with great pleasure that I discovered the London Pirate Festival today. The London Pirate Festival 'tis a three-day celebration of the pirate life, coinciding with Talk Like A Pirate day, the one day it be acceptable to let me pirate nature roam free.

The event schedule be sketchy for this year, but last year's events included a rum tasting and monkeyn' about on the Golden Hind, which that scurvy dog Drake was kind enough to lend.

Who knows where we be settin' sail this year? But strike me down and call me a one-eyed parrot if I not be attendin!

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glen_smith said...

From one of your links:
"On International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year (September 19th), not only can you talk like a pirate but you can dress, act and live like a pirate too.

The Rubadub Social Club and their sailor crew hook up with Mad Cap'n Tom the pirate behind the UK side of International Talk Like a Pirate Day to bring you the FIRST EVER London Pirate Festival.

Three whole days of pirate shenanigans in London's West End and South Bank. For grown up pirates, pirate kids and grown up pirate kids. From the educational and historical to the downright silly. We bring you nautical cabaret, burlesque and comedy, a pirate boat party on the Thames, family sleepovers and pirate fun days on the Golden Hinde plus carribbean run tasting with the Rum Ambassador, be a pirate fool with the brilliant actor and improvisation impressario Jonathan Kaye, rival pirate crew skurmishes and a secret end of festival party."

"Pirate Burlesque"?!? LoL!

I've never understood the fascination with pirates. (But then again, fascination with the superhero genre (fetish?) can be weirder.)

My little nephew, after all the gifts given him for his 3rd birthday this year, his most loved is a cheap little pirate bandana, eye-patch, and hook set.
Has all the stuff in the past half-year with the Somali pirates caused any... problems among pirate afficionados?