Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scotch and All That

It's not often that I get to travel for a client - and by travel I mean to go a place I haven't been before and spend some quality travel-time there getting to know it. One of my new clients is Johnnie Walker, and thanks to them I got to spend some quality time in Scotland learning about Scotch (literally, everything about it from the distilling to the bottling) and Johnnie Walker in particular. I came away with a vastly-increased knowledge of Scotch, and got to stay in a castle and see a bit of Scotland to boot.

I haven't been to Scotland in ten years and that was as a student backpacker, so it was nice to stay in a good bed and do some things I didn't get to do the first time around. And it really did teach me a lot about Scotch, which if you've followed my other blog for any length of time you know is a bit of a hobby of mine - and I'm afraid is about to become much more of a hobby.

Some pics are below, including me in a kilt. Aye laddie!


Garin Kilpatrick said...

Awesome pictures! My grandfather was born in Scotland and I can't wait to travel there and see it for myself. Thanks for sharing! :)


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