Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting Sporty At Lord's

Well, I can say I have now fulfilled a dream of mine: to play at Lord's Cricket Ground. Of course I was playing dodgeball. Yeah, dodgeball, like in that movie. How did I end up playing in a major dodgeball tournament with teams from all over the UK competing at the legendary home of cricket? Good question. Life is funny sometimes.

I came in to work on Monday recharged from my holiday and sorting through my email when one of our directors sent around a question asking if anyone wanted to play in a dodgeball event. The Mail on Sunday (a newspaper) and Everyman (a cancer charity) organized a dodgeball tournament. At Lord's Cricket Ground. How many chances in life do you have to do that? So of course I said, 'hell yes!'

We arrived early and went right to the bar in true British fashion. The team started getting soused (I laid off, having come from a raucaus company party the night before) and we went to practice. Dodgeball is great fun because it's easy to pick up: the rules are simple, it doesn't take a hell of a lot of athletic prowess, and games go quick, so noobs like us could take part without a problem. Of course there are teams who play regularly and (maybe?) professionally - the Leicester City Ligers were there representing, among others. And the costumes aren't a joke either: there were teams dressed as ninjas, in pajamas, and in viking hats.

I'd love to say that in the spirit of true underdogs we rose to the top and won the tournament, but alas we had our proverbial asses handed to us in pretty short order. We were, in the parlance of this generation, pwned. By the team in PJs. So yeah. But it was a great time. Here's a video of what a game looks like (the single game we won), and pictures are on my Flickr stream.

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