Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Home Stretch on the Home

The good news is, we really are on the home stretch as far as the house goes. The bad news is, it should have been on the market this week. After tonight, the last bits will be easy - getting the doorknobs to work properly and painting some trim and doing other minor touch-up paintjobs, and putting things away and getting the house ready to go.

Still no news on the job situation, a source of infinite frustration for me. I'm frankly not sure which is worse: that a communications company can't be bothered to communicate with people about decisions that could potentially affect those people's long-term future, or that in the end all the promises don't add up to anything without something concrete, so I'm essentially at zero.

Coming soon: pictures of the remodeled house, so I have something to remember all this hard work by aside from an ulcer the size of Connecticut.


MS said...

Hello Jason and Liz,

I wish you all of the best on your London adventure. What a beautiful and crazy city! Liz, you have to go to the Queens Head and Artichoke just once for old times, and of course play a U2 song for Ange on the jukebox. Cheers!

All the best,


Jason said...

Hey Mary - drop me a line so we have your contact info, my first initial (j), my last name (mical) @gmail dot com. Would love to catch up!